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We thought you might be wondering why we are setting up a site like SeriousExtreme so here’s a bit of info on us…..


So what started it all off?

Well, a long time ago (around 2009) in a galaxy not so far away (Scotland) three friends were trawling the internet for new adventures that we could fit around our increasingly awkward schedules.

We found some places and booked to go, then when we talked to others we found more places, and before we knew it we had quite the social calendar.

What we found out was that almost everyone who was involved had heard about “Activity B” from someone who was doing “Activity A” and invited them along, much as we had done. So the idea to set up a network was born.

THEN, around early 2016 there was lots being booked for stag and hen parties, milestone birthdays, weekends away, days out and events and the same topic started coming up in conversation… “I’ve never done this before but my friend invited me along and I thought it might be fun”

And it became obvious that the same problem still existed, although there was so much more convenience and more places actually had websites you could search for, people still didn’t know where to look and in some cases, what to look for.

So it was decided that there was only one thing to do, set up a site that had helped the small businesses that run adventure sports get exposure (without exuberant costs) and gave newbies the opportunity to see whats available….

And so SeriousExtreme.com was born!


FAQs etc:

Who can list on Seriousextreme.com?

Anyone can list on Seriousextreme as long as they are associated with that listing. Any company, guide or instructor.

I know of a really good area for surfing but its not a business, can I list it?

We would LOVE this type of hidden gem to be listed but unless you own it, you can’t list it personally

Please send the details (name, location (postcode/long+lat if you have it) if not, please give directions) and pictures etc to liveit@seriousextreme.com and an admin will list it for you. this is in case the owner of the land wishes to edit or claim the listing.

Can I list my prices?

Yes. pop everything you feel is relevant in the description.

We have multiple sites, can we list them all?


Cool, what details do you need?

Name of the venue, Address, Description, What facilities are available, Links to social media sites & Photos. Make your profile your own by adding photos and getting customers to review you.


What events can I list?

Anything you would class as a one off or infrequent event can be listed as an event, this includes training courses, festivals, charity events (NOT requests for sponsorship), summer schools, grand openings and competitions.

Who will be able to see my event?

Anyone who searches for events in your area or category will be able to see your event listed?

My event is ticketed, can I link to the payment page?

There will be a field for listing your cost of the event and the website address, we suggest putting the link to the payment page in the website box to make it as easy as possible to find

How long will my event be online?

It will be added once posted and will stay online until the last day of the event (unless deleted by you or admins)

I’ve had to cancel the event last minute, how do I let people know?

Obviously if your event is ticketed you will have a list of anyone who has bought tickets but if not, before deleting, please look on the right hand side of the listing you will see a box that says “event attendees”, anyone who has clicked to say they are attending will be there and you can message them to let them know.

All listings and event prices are available on our prices page!


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