A day out with David Sleigh Racing


The weekend before last I was lucky enough to meet with Stuart Gray from Knockhill Racing Circuit.

I haven’t been up there in years since my days of promotions where we would be solely there to promote one brand, so going up to learn all about the racing was another kettle of fish entirely.

The snow was heavy that day so there would be no racing although I was one of the lucky ones who was taken around the track in one of Knockhill’s vehicles while Stuart checked the conditions and decided whether it was safe to let people test that day. Unfortunately, it was not.

So the following weekend, I went back to hang out with one of the test teams, David Sleigh Racing.

What I found throughout the team was that everyone was so welcoming, on site there was a huge mix of people, abilities, skills and interests. Some were more interested in the cars, some the racing and some were there for the feeling of comradery.

Neal Robertson

Chris Milford

Oly Mortimer

Jonny Dreelan

On the day, they had four drivers out, Neal Robertson, Chris Milford, Jonny Dreelan & Oly Mortimer and we’ll be finding out more about them shortly!

The team were on the track 5 times during the day and then back to the hub to check the cars, make tweaks where necessary and make sure they are in tip top condition for the next round.

The weather was grim and the temperatures freezing with Knockhill being at high altitude but the team were in high spirits throughout and results from the track time were positive.

I can’t wait to go back, come join me!

February 23, 2017 |

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