More of our incredible Insta connections

More of our incredible Insta connections


Our Instagram account is always filled with fantastic images and videos, and the sunshine we’ve had has made them even more impressive! Here are some of the delights we’ve been able to share with you over June!!

You can follow our account on @Seriousextreme

July 3, 2018 |

No more event fees



There was something restrictive that was stopping folks listing events, we charged for each event separately.

We had envisaged “events” to be large; festivals, competitions, etc, that would charge to attend; But when we seen the search terms that were being used, it was more for sessions or classes. So we changed it.

If you run a class, hold regular training sessions or run occasional courses, these are all now included in the price of your profile listing, and will appear in all searches! Pretty decent huh!

June 6, 2018 |

Our May Instagram!


We are delighted to have some incredible followers on Instagram so we want to share with you, some of the latest posts  from these fantastic humans!

You can follow our account on @Seriousextreme





June 3, 2018 |
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