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The Hell Yeah Roller Derby Podcast

We love hearing about first hand experiences at SeriousExtreme and what better way to keep up to date than podcasts that you can listen to when you’re out and about, driving or sitting at the computer deciding on whats going to be your next big adventure.

We have stumbles across Hell Yeah Roller Derby who have just launched a new podcast in addition to all of the amazing content and blogs on their site, check them out and don’t forget to subscribe so you get all the new podcasts as they become available!

Hell Yeah Roller Derby Podcast

That’s Robyn and me (left) goofing around painting plates like the cool kids we are.

Our second episode is out now! You can find it on iTunes, Soundcloud or your podcast app of choice.

In this episode we’re talking recruitment for roller derby with not one but two (!!) interviews with some seriously interesting women from Bristol Roller Derby and South West Angels of Terror (S.W.A.T), two leagues that have found innovative ways to improve their recruitment of rookie skaters. (Sidebar: We didn’t talk much about recruiting Officials this time around, but we think it’s a really interesting topic so expect a future episode on recruiting refs and NSOs!)

Our first episode generated some interesting discussion about cherry popper games on our own Facebook threads, and made us realise that we hadn’t created a space for people to put in their two cents about the issue covered in an episode. So now we have a Facebook page! Go there are tell and us what recruitment techniques worked for your league, people you’d like us to talk to in future episodes, or just how daft you find my faux American accent.

Listen on itunes or Soundcloud.

March 18, 2018 |

Advice to roller derby newbies



The Real Roller Derby Experience

As an extreme sport, Roller derby is really picking up the pace (pun intended) so how do you get involved?  We have links to local teams listed on Serious Extreme here that are regularly recruiting for their next intake of “Fresh Meat”  where you can train to a level that you can compete.

But don’t be fooled by memories of watching whip it on dvd or whizzing about on wheels as a kid, Roller Derby is an intense sport that requires dedication so we’ve kindly been allowed to re-blog ‘s blog to get an invaluable insight into the derby world…

Advice to Newbies

Since I’ve started posting a blog, I’ve gotten a lot of messages from newbies and fresh meat asking about derby, how to get better, how to feel confident, and how to cope with derby in general.  Because the beginning of the year brings a new crop of Freshies, I thought I’d hand off some unsolicited advice!

#1 Welcome to derby!  You made it!  Now the hard work really really starts.  It is imperative that you put in as much time as you can on skates, because even though the league gives you time to learn skills, you are ultimately held responsible for your progress.   If your plow stops are not what they should be, you need to hit every open skate possible and work work work on your skills!

#2  Derby isn’t how you get into shape; you have to get into shape FOR derby.  That means you have to do cross training.  I suggest you ride a bike, run, lift weights, walk, do yoga, dance naked in your living room, I don’t care, just get out there and do it! 

#3  Don’t get butthurt if the veterans don’t talk to you at first.  Derby is a sport where many people are really driven and self focused.  Also, derby is a sport where many people join originally with great enthusiasm, and then eventually fade away.  Sometimes it’s hard for veteran skaters to build relationships with newbies and have them walk away after a couple of weeks.  My newbie class had six members, and only two of us are still skating, so do the math.

Ballz and I were the last two standing….uh, skating.  This picture is before we had derby butts.


#4  Take advice and don’t be defensive.  Let’s face it, most of us are adults who have had success, control and are not used to the role of being a student.  Derby can be very “challenging” which really means it’s frustrating as CRAP!  You can be trying your best, sweating over doing a move, and a veteran skater gives you some negative feedback.  I know the first instinct we all have is to be annoyed and defend your performance, but don’t!  Don’t say “I can’t turn left!” or “I’ve done this a million times and you just gave me different advice than so and so did!”  People want to invest in your success; they want you to be a better skater, so don’t get defensive when it comes to their feedback!  Listen, thank them for the help, and then consider if it applies to you, and keep on trying!

#5  Watch footage with a veteran skater.  If you can bribe a veteran skater to watch footage with you and explain it, you will be on your way to being a better derby player.  As a word of advice, don’t watch a game in which she played; she’ll be too distracted critiquing her own performance to really enlighten you.  By the way, beer is a good bribe.

#6  Bond with your fellow newbies.  They’re the ones going through the same ordeals that you are; get together at open skates, plan footage viewing, check up on each other.  You are going to need support to get through this and so are they.  Don’t get jealous of one of your group learning something quicker than you.  Ballz had been skating and teaching skating for years before she joined derby, so she was head and shoulders ahead of me in the skills department.  It just made me try harder.This is just some basic advice I have for newbies; it’s a hard position to be in, but it can be made a lot easier by following my advice.  And by the way….CONGRATS FOR MAKING IT!

You can find Elekra Q-Tion’s blog posts at

You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Wheel

where she covers more topics about Roller Derby! Go check her out!

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