Our Weekend at the Cateran Yomp

Our Weekend at the Cateran Yomp


So what is the Cateran Yomp?

Well, when I was asked to get involved in helping at the water-station of an endurance event I thought it would be a marathon or something of similar scale, a friends company were sponsoring the event by providing vehicles for support and I have to admit that I had never heard of the Cateran Yomp before so had no idea just how massive it is!

For anyone else who hasn’t heard of it, its a 54 mile trek over the Cairngorms. The terrain is rough, the distance is grueling and the weather completely unpredictable!

All in aid of raising funds for ABF The Soldiers Charity that support soldiers and veterans and their families when they are in need.

While we were applying sun-cream there were rolls of thunder and at one point the event had to be halted for safety reasons due to the freak lightening storm that seemed to appear from nowhere.

Many of the participants were in great spirits, despite being drenched and sunburned with achy feet as they met with our team at the 24 mile marker point. Even although they were fully aware that the next section from us included the infamous “Bog” and that with 30 miles yet to go, they would be trekking through the night with imminent rain and cold descending!

Well done to all of those who completed either the Bronze (22miles), Silver (36 miles) or Gold (54miles) and for anyone who even attempted it!  Our hats are well and truly dothed to you!

And a massive Thank you to Martin Cavanagh from Thrifty for inviting us along 🙂

The Thrifty Team with staff from Dundee, Edinburgh & Inverness branches helping out – Water-station 3 at mile 24!

June 11, 2018 |

A truthful and REAL running blog (contains swears)


We all have those moment when we are starting something new when we can feel that its just us that are struggling. Even though we know in the back of our mind that it’s not the case!

So thats why its so regreshing to read a blog that is a proper Warts and All account of the highs and the struggles of activity!

May we present to you… Miss Running Bean

One of the best  running blogs that you’ll read **Warning: Contains Sweary Words**






June 3, 2018 |

Jacky Anderson’s comprehensive guide to starting with Parkour



We have been incredibly lucky to have been contacted by Jacky Anderson from Jenreviews.com with his comprehensive guide on how to get involved in Parkour!

And WOW!

What a guide! Including some of the most informative and entertaining videos!

You can view the whole article at: JenReviews.com/Parkour


For more articles by Jacky, on an incredible range of topics you can find out more about him on Jacky Anderson’s Profile






June 3, 2018 |

The Hell Yeah Podcast



The Hell Yeah Roller Derby Podcast

We love hearing about first hand experiences at SeriousExtreme and what better way to keep up to date than podcasts that you can listen to when you’re out and about, driving or sitting at the computer deciding on whats going to be your next big adventure.

We have stumbles across Hell Yeah Roller Derby who have just launched a new podcast in addition to all of the amazing content and blogs on their site, check them out and don’t forget to subscribe so you get all the new podcasts as they become available!

Hell Yeah Roller Derby Podcast

That’s Robyn and me (left) goofing around painting plates like the cool kids we are.

Our second episode is out now! You can find it on iTunes, Soundcloud or your podcast app of choice.

In this episode we’re talking recruitment for roller derby with not one but two (!!) interviews with some seriously interesting women from Bristol Roller Derby and South West Angels of Terror (S.W.A.T), two leagues that have found innovative ways to improve their recruitment of rookie skaters. (Sidebar: We didn’t talk much about recruiting Officials this time around, but we think it’s a really interesting topic so expect a future episode on recruiting refs and NSOs!)

Our first episode generated some interesting discussion about cherry popper games on our own Facebook threads, and made us realise that we hadn’t created a space for people to put in their two cents about the issue covered in an episode. So now we have a Facebook page! Go there are tell and us what recruitment techniques worked for your league, people you’d like us to talk to in future episodes, or just how daft you find my faux American accent.

Listen on itunes or Soundcloud.

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